Brother Sidney P. Brown

GOODWILL is the monarch of this house.
Men, unacquainted, enter, shake hands,
exchange greetings, and depart friends.
Cordiality exists among all who abide within.

I am the eminent expression of friendship. Character
and temperament change under my dominant power.
Lives once touched by me become tuned, and are thereafter,
amiable, kindly, fraternal.

I inspire the musician to play noble sentiments, and
assist the chemist to convert ungenerous personalities
into individuals of great worth. I destroy all ignoble impulses.
I constantly invoke principles which make for common
brotherhood, and the echo resounds in all communities,
and princely men are thereby recognized. Education,
health, music, encouragement, sympathy, laughter:
All these are species of interest given on self-invested capital.

Tired moments find me a delightful treat, Hours of sorrow
a shrine of understanding, At all times I am faithful to the
creed of companionship.

To a few I am the Castle of Dreams, Ambitious, successful,
hopeful dreams. To many, I am the Poetic Palace
where human feeling is rhymed to celestial motives.
To the great majority, I am the Treasury of Good Fellowship.

In fact, I am the College of Friendship;
The University of Brotherly Love;
The School for the Better Making of Men.